Every home inspection includes information on the most important components of your home 

- Roof

- Exterior

- Interior

- Structure

- Heating

- Air Conditioning

- Electrical

- Plumbing

- Appliance Testing

- Moisture Testing

Additional Services

Pre-listing Inspections

Before selling your home, isolate issues and eliminate surprises.

Pre-sale inspections include a top-to-bottom report on the condition of your home, photos of the condition of all major systems and minor defects, and a thermal imaging scan.

Rental Inspections

Are you a landlord? A tenant? Contact us to provide a third party assessment of your property before and after tenants move in or out. If you are a tenant moving to a new rental, we can inspect your new home for any issues. 

New Build Inspections

A pre-delivery inspection should be done before a final walk-through with the builder.

New build inspections include a top-to-bottom report on the condition of your home, photos of the condition of all major systems and minor defects, and a thermal imaging scan.

Thermal Imaging

Do you have in floor heating? Is your driveway heated? Are you worried about home energy loss? Contact us to pinpoint problems with hidden pipes or to point out issues with insulation, windows/doors or weather stipping.

Warranty Inspections

If your home is under warranty, schedule a visit one month prior to your warranty expiration. We will provide a top-to-bottom inspection to find any deficiencies before the expiration of your home warranty. 

  • The roof; including flashing, trim, fascia, soffit, gutters and downspouts

  • The attic; framing, truss, rafters, sheathing, insulation type/amount, venting

  • Exterior; driveways, walkways, electrical outlets, faucets, decks, patios, stairs, retaining walls, wall cladding, windows, doors, fences/gates, balconies, fuel storage

  • Garage; attached or detached we inspect all exterior and interior components

  • Laundry Area; washer/dryer are run to test if possible and scanned for leaks, hookups, outlets exhaust venting

  • Kitchen; appliances are run to test and scanned for leaks, faucets, traps, drains electrical including GFCI outlets are tested, cabinets, drawers and counters

  • Bedrooms; floors, walls, ceiling, electrical, windows, doors

  • Bathrooms; floors, walls, ceiling, electrical, windows, doors, sinks, tubs, faucets, drains, traps, counters, drawers, shelves

  • Interior areas; floors, walls, ceilings, electrical, switches, fireplaces (not W.E.T.T.)

  • Electrical; panel, amperage, main service drop, sub panels, smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, all accessible outlets,

  • Plumbing; main shut off, supply lines, waste lines, sump pump/pit, septic, water source

  • Water Heater; type, location, capacity, supply lines, temperature pressure relief valves, combustion chambers and venting (gas only), when possible age

  • HVAC components; the furnace, ducts, registers, electric heaters, in-floor heating, HRV, thermostat location, burner chambers, exhaust venting, filter size/location, distribution and ducting

  • Basements/Crawlspaces; stairs, floor, walls, ceilings, framing, joists, support beams, windows, insulation, moisture intrusion, foundation

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